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Gold Coast, QLD

Pinterest Art Society, a Non-Profit Organization Supporting Artists. Offering paintings and sculptures by some of the best New Zealand and Australian artists in many different styles, mediums, shapes, colours and sizes. Art Society is a Non-Profit Organization supporting and promoting artists and art in general, through organizing physical (real life) art exhibitions for members, helping members to get additional exposure online and offline (often for free), art lessons for general public (often free), free community activities, free direct contact with artists and more. Unlike many other Non-Profit Organizations, we DO NOT ask for taxpayer money - we proudly try to earn the money for our activities ourselves and if we do not earn, we do not spend. Simple as that - we believe that the taxpayers should NOT be forced by governments to pay for somebody elses activities, whether they like them or not. So by buying our prints, greeting cards and originals you will be supporting a Non-Profit Organization which DOES NOT ask for your taxpayer money. You can support us because you want to, not because you have to. Thank you for your support out of your own free will !

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Burleigh Beach 220909 by Selena Boron


Tauranga Marina 180412 by Selena Boron


CAT C5X 190312 by Selena Boron


Pottery Lady by Jeanette Louw


Fishing Boat by Jeanette Louw


Elephants Landscape by Jeanette Louw


Lioness by Jeanette Louw


Reflections by Jeanette Louw


Tranquility by Jeanette Louw


She Loves Me 140709 by Selena Boron


Precious Hearts 301110 by Selena Boron


Sad Venus In A Rose Garden 060609 by Selena Boron


Red Lipstick 081208 by Selena Boron


Rainbow Girl 241008 by Selena Boron


Melancholy 220708 by Selena Boron


Melancholy 090409 by Selena Boron


Magic Garden 021108 by Selena Boron


Love Is In The Air 260709 by Selena Boron


Lost 150808 by Selena Boron


Icy Blue 040409 by Selena Boron


Freedom My Ass 130309 by Selena Boron


Fragile Smiles 230509 by Selena Boron


Cool Blue Smile 070709 by Selena Boron


Cheeky Bugger 260309 by Selena Boron


Blue Guitar 010709 by Selena Boron


Best Friends 171008 by Selena Boron


Thunder Cloud by Julia Blackler


Melancholy 300308 by Sylvia Kula


Mt Maunganui 140408 by Sylvia Kula


Estuary Outlook by Julia Blackler


Blue Scarf And Quinces by Julia Blackler


Vineyard by Julia Blackler


Field Mushrooms by Julia Blackler


Beyondness by Julia Blackler


Misty Kaimais by Julia Blackler


Been Around Before by Julia Blackler


Cane Train by Julia Blackler


Remember Summer by Julia Blackler


Breaker by Julia Blackler


Of A Hydranga by Julia Blackler


Women by Julia Blackler


Naturally Plums by Julia Blackler


Horizons by Julia Blackler


Echoes Of A Vase by Julia Blackler


Garlic And Eggs by Julia Blackler


Journey by Julia Blackler


Summer Grasses by Julia Blackler


Flora by Julia Blackler